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Welcome to B&H Photo Digital

At B&H PHOTO DIGITAL we offer one hour high quality digital printing and enlargements, retouching of old photographs, scanning to CD/DVD and printing from cellphones. Our professional state-of-the-art lab can accomodate even the smallest prints right up to and beyond B0 enlargements on all the most popular media. We also have a dedicated team of knowledgeable sales staff to help you with all your photographic needs and equipment. We pride ourselves in being the best and most knowledgeable professional sales force in the country and cater for all camera grades from amateur to professional. With the largest professional photographer database in South Africa, it is testament to our service levels and commitment to industry leadership levels. Pop in and put us to the test!

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We at B&H Photo also believe in supporting our local industries and economy. We are extremely proud to state that ALL of our hardware is purchased through local agents and are backed 100% by such agencies. We guarantee that none of our products are "grey market" imports, so you, our customer, can rest assured that you are supporting the growth of our beautiful country!

Please not that prices quoted on our website are solely for web-based orders. Our store, situated in Sandton city, may have price variances. Please call for in-store pricing.



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