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Fujifilm X-Pro1FujiFilm XT-1 + 18-55 f/2.8-4 R LM OIS

Fujifilm X-S1
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Fujifilm X-S1

Price per Unit (piece): R8 299.99

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Fujinon Lens for Excellent Shooting

Experience the amazingly bright and clear picture for entire shooting range, from 24mm wide to 26x 624mm zoom with high precision Fujinon lens.

F2.8-5.6 Fujinon Optical 26x Zoom Lens (24-624mm)

Extensive Focal Length Range (24mm-624mm) and Bright F-values (F2.8-F5.6)


Featuring a 12-group, 17-element lens configuration, the manual optical 26x zoom is a masterpiece of FUJINON technology. The extravagant adoption of high optical performance glass lens elements (aspherical, high refractive index, and ED glass lenses) make the exceptional brightness of F2.8 at wide angle and F5.6 at telephoto possible.

4 Aspherical Lenses

By using 4 high-performance aspherical lenses, the X-S1 delivers sharp image quality with rich resolution. These lenses also contribute to a more compact overall lens configuration and the X-S1's compact body size ensuring you can easily take it everywhere with you.

  1. 1. Focal Plane
(Left) Spherical Lens (Right) Aspherical Lens
  • Spherical Lens
  • Aspherical Lens
ED Lens

ED Lenses for prevention of chromatic aberrations and muddy colors.
In order to minimize chromatic aberration which tends to occur when taking telephoto shots with a long zoom lens, two ED lenses made of extra-low dispersion glass have been adopted in the lens configuration. Adoption of one large-diameter ED lens in the first lens group reduces axial chromatic aberration that can occur at high zoom settings.

Super EBC

All the lens elements used in the X-S1 have been treated with multilayer Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating), the same process used for Fujinon broadcasting video lenses and large-format camera lenses acclaimed by professionals. Reducing ghosting and lens flare, the treatment promises clear image quality.

Versatile Shooting Style

Optimized for exquisite detail all the way to the edge of the image.
The FUJINON Lens and the EXR CMOS Sensor are the cutting edge of original FUJIFILM high-performance technology. These key devices have not only been adopted in the new X-S1, but also thoroughly optimized for each other, resulting in a synergy that produces high-resolution photos with exceptional resolution from the center to the edge of the image with extremely few aberrations.

24mm Wide
624mm 26x Zoom
1cm Super Macro

OIS Mechanism

Complete control of the camera, without fear of camera shake. Equipped with a newly developed image stabilization mechanism, X-S1 effectively compensates for camera shake even when you press the shutter to capture a subject at extreme zoom.


Metal Lens Barrel

Fast and precise zoom control for the wide photographic range of X-S1.
X-S1 embodies operability that lets you fine tune every shot to perfection. In the easy-to-hold slim zoom lens barrel, the metal cam-driven zoom mechanism delivers a subtle sensation of torque for smooth and precise adjustment.

Soft and Beautiful “Bokeh” Effect

9-blade aperture diaphragm for an expressive “bokeh” effect.
Special attention has been paid to enabling a beautiful “bokeh” effect. The 9-blade aperture diaphragm lets you artistically put the focus on your subject while creating a softly defocused near-circular background.


Excellent Sensor and Processor Realize Quick Response

The perfect combination of large 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor and EXR Processor assures high resolution and realizes quick response that takes your photo to the next level.

Sensor and Processor

12 megapixel 2/3-inch EXR CMOS Sensor

Only the EXR CMOS sensor can intelligently switch between three original technologies depending on the scene and always capture the moment in exquisite detail and with impressive image quality. Featuring FUJIFILM's bespoke pixel array, the large 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor captures images with impressive resolution.

Optimization of the Sensor and Lens

Sufficient light quantity is collected not only in the center of the sensor, but all the way to the edge area by optimization of both the image sensor and lens.

Shading Effect
  • Shading Effect
  1. I. Before customization
  2. II. After customization
  1. 1. Light quantity
  2. 2. Sensor edge areas
  3. 3. Sensor center

EXR Processor

Working in tandem with the 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor, the EXR Processor achieves a new level of performance. Tapping into the power of its two CPUs, EXR Core and a reconfigurable processor*, it provides powerful and speedy processing, even Full HD Movie and high-speed continuous shooting.

  • * Processor with rewritable circuits that can dynamically adapt to perform complex corrections and processing tasks.

EXR Technologies Take Beauty to New Extremes

altHigh Resolution (12 megapixels)
altWide Dynamic Range (up to 1600%)
altHigh Sensitivity & Low Noise (ISO100-12800)

Super High Quality Full HD Movies


Able to capture both photos and movies in high-definition 16:9 format, the X-S1 lets you discover the impact of full-screen HDTV image display.

Clear Full HD Movies Even in Low Lighting

This single unit is capable of capturing video in a broad focal length range from wide angle to telephoto.
You can also use manual focus or capture still images during video recording for full-fledged filming pleasure.

HD Image Viewing

Connect X-S1 directly to a high definition TV using the optional HDMI cable to view your video easily on large screen.
You can also connect the unit to an external stereo microphone to achieve stereo recording.

High Speed Response

High Speed Auto Focus

(Left) Conventional Digital Camera (Right) X-S1
  • Conventional Digital Camera
  • X-S1

Faster response for fleeting moments.
Fast 0.18sec. auto focus, 0.01sec. near-instant shutter time lag and the fast 0.6sec*. camera startup! Every facet of operation is accelerated so you will never miss a shot.

  • * When using QUICK START MODE.
  • * Fujifilm research

High Speed Shooting Functions

Never misses the decisive moment capturing 7fps at full resolution (12 megapixels) for 8 continuous frames.

High Speed Continuous Shooting


Capture action at almost 7fps at full 12 megapixel resolution (max. 8 frames) or shoot at 10fps at 6 megapixel resolution (max. 8 frames).

High Speed Movie


Sometimes things happen too fast for you to see them properly with your own eyes. The X-S1 can freeze the action at up to an amazing 200fps! So you can see every single minute detail and watch things happening step by step in slow motion.

  • * High Speed Movie can be recorded at the following speeds and sizes: 200fps (320 x 112 pixels), 120fps (320 x 240 pixels), 70fps (VGA 640 x 480 pixels).

Best Frame Capture Mode

Timing your shot is ever so easy with Best Frame Capture. Half-press the shutter and the X-S1 starts recording photos at 10fps at 6 megapixel resolution. When the moment happens, fully press the shutter button and the camera captures up to 16 frames including pre-recorded frames, giving you the opportunity to select the best shot.


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